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Oñati Arrikrutz Caves
Approach to know the passionate underground World in a comfortable one-hour guided tour.
Oñati (Gipuzkoa)
Situated under the Aitzkorri Massif Arrikrutz Cave is a huge and complex cave with 15 kilometres of underground galleries constituting one of the most extensive systems in Gipuzkoa. Through a fascinating guided tour which last one hour around, the visitor can admire the fanciful shapes that the water has sculpted over the centuries, as well as the large stalactites that hang from the roofs of the gallery. Arrikrutz Cave also stands out for its archaeological and paleontological discoveries, such as a full skeleton of a cave lion (the first of this kind on the Peninsula and the third in Europe), partial skeletons and skulls of panthers and an impressive bear site.
Adults: 9€
Kids (5-16):6€
Babys/Kids (0-4): free
Retireds : 6€
Group (Group over 15 people) ; 6€
Schools : 4€ per student.
The price includes
-Tour guide.
-Guided tour along the 53 gallery.
All the year, weekends and hollidays:
- At 13:00 P.m.
Possibility of arranging visit at another time previous booking by calling (34)943082000
Activity details
The Guided tour allows to discover the curious shapes witch the water has sculptured in the Rocks over centuries, as well as the reproductions of prehistoric animals and the mythology that surrounds them.
- Oñati Arrikrutz Caves
- There is not a minimum
- 5 people
- 1 people
- 1 hour
- All year
- Spanish
- Perfect for families with children.
Do not forget
- Bring warm clothing. (Inside the cave we find 10º of temperature).
- Bring confortables shoes.
943 08 20 00
- Cancellation without charge until 10 days before.
Once the visit has been booked, it is not possible its annulation. There will be no refund of the amount paid.
The client can ask to change the date 10 days before the date of the booked visit.
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