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Natural Reserve of the European Bison
San Cebrián de Mudá (Palencia), San Cebrian de Mudá
The European bison reserve (Bison Bonasus) is located in San Cebrián de Mudá in a privileged environment of the Palencia Mountain. In a plot of 20 hectares of oak and meadows you can observe European bisons in a semi-freedom state. The main objective of the project is the rehabilitation of this historic animal of which not a single specimen remained in the wild around the world in 1927.

When we talk about booking, we are not talking about a zoo or an exhibition of live animals, since the reserve is based on a different concept. Here, respecting the freedom that animals enjoy, the visitor will only have the possibility to see it; never the certainty.

The visit can be done in several ways: walking, cycling, in an off-road or horse-drawn carriage. And in winter we have snowshoes. All visits are conducted with a guide, with various offers for all audiences, including school groups of all ages. The observation of the animal can be done from three different points, 2 of them located within the reserve. You can also learn about the peculiarities of this species in the interpretation center.
Entry Over 7 years: € 7 person
Entry for children 3 to 7 years: € 2 person
Entry for children under 3 years old: Free

Entry Adults + bike rental: €8
Entry for children + bike rental: €8
The price includes
Visit to the Bonasus Bison reserve walking around the farm. In the reception room you can rent, subject to availability, bicycles, off-road or carriage (in summer and for+4 people).
OPTIONALLY we offer at the price of € 16 per person with a minimum of 4 people the visit of the QUATERNARY PARK that includes the visit to the two reserves of Bisons and to the fields of the Prezwalski and Losinos horses.
Opening hours: (last departure one hour before closing)

11am - 1pm Winter (closing at 3pm)(From november to february)

10am - 12.30pm (closing at 2.30pm) Afternoon 5pm Summer (closing at 7pm)(Rest of the year)

July and August from M to F only from 10:30am in Off road under reservation. Visits to the two farms. In weekend summer hours.

August to September: Open every day.

Rest of the year: Open on weekends and holidays.
11am - 1pm the rest of the year.
Approximate duration
Lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the chosen mean of transportation, with its hiring being optional and subject to availability at the reception.

- Off-road vehicles
- Horse carriage (only in summer and on request)
- Bike
Children seats on vehicles is to be paid.
C/Lola de la Fuente, 3
34004 - Palencia
c/ del Rosario, s/n
34839 - San Cebrian de Mudá
Palencia Province
It is advised to wear clothes and shoes for mountain or trekking.
Payment method
- Advance requested: 100%
Payment by credit or debit card.
Cancellations can be made up to 4 days before the date of the visit with refund to the credit card with which the payment was made. Cancellations less than 4 days prior to the date of the visit are not reimbursable.
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