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Valdecabras itself is a small village, nearly familiar and away from any traffic, set in an exceptional valley, an area that the Griffon and Egyptian vulture as well as the booted eagle regard as theirs. At night you can hear the nightingale or the tawny owl sing, and the frog's croaking isn't far away either.
he municipal district of Valdecabras includes the famous Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada) and its museum, and it also offers many other spots, places and valleys where the curious excursionist can discover spectacular natural geological Karst formations of unique beauty (stone monuments, narrow rock passes called "callejones", fissures, arches, ravines and tobas), and furthermore fossils and many caves.
The whole district is pure nature, in a very high level of conservation. It is full of zoological and botanical diversity, and therefore it will be part of the newly announced Natural Park of the SerranÝa de Cuenca.

We offer you five apartments in our tourist development:

One apartment for 10 persons (two persons use sofa bed facility) of 115 m▓.
Three apartments for 8 persons each (two persons use sofa bed facility) of 90 m▓ each.
One apartment for 6 persons (two persons use sofa bed facility) of 65 m▓.

The apartment for ten persons is a maisonette with four bedrooms. Two of them have a double bed each, one with a width of 150 cm and the other one with a width of 135 cm. The other two bedrooms have twin beds with a width of 90 cm each, but they can be put together and so produce one big bed. Apart from that, there are two bathrooms in this apartment, a big kitchen, two private terraces and a spacious living room of 32 m▓ where you will also find the sofa bed with a width of 150 cm for two persons to sleep.

The apartments for eight persons each have three bedrooms (one of them with a double bed being 150 cm wide, and the other two with twin beds of 90 cm width that can be put together and so produce one big bed). Apart from that, there are two bathrooms, a big kitchen and a living room, where you will also find the sofa bed with a width of 150 cm for two persons to sleep.

The smallest apartment has one big bedroom of 22 m▓ with one double bed and two beds of 90 cm. There is a big kitchen, a bathroom and a living room where you find the sofa bed with a width of 150 cm for two persons to sleep.

Common features for all apartments:

The living room: It measures 23 m▓ in the apartments for six and eight persons and 32 m▓ in the apartment for 10 persons. There are two big sofas (three in the biggest apartment). You will also find the sofa bed (which can be taken apart and some parts can be used as little benches in the bedrooms or the living room), a big dining table, a fireplace, a television, a cupboard, etc.

The kitchen: There is a refrigerator, an extractor hood, a glass-ceramic hob, a microwave oven, a toaster and kitchen utensils as well as plates, cutlery etc. You will also find a mop and a broom with dustpan and cleaning products.

The bathrooms: In the apartments for ten and eight persons there are two bathrooms each, in the smallest apartment there is only one. You will find toilet paper and hand soap.

The bedrooms: There are bedside tables with drawers and a wardrobe with hangers and big drawers. In each room you will find a hand towel, a bath towel and a bath mat for each guest, as well as duvets just in case it's cold.

Barbecue: We provide a shared barbecue area for all five apartments on one terrace. The firewood for the barbecue is charged extra, 6Ç. Please talk to the other guests and organize the use of the barbecue area.

Our house is located in the beautiful valley of Valdecabras, only a 15 minute drive from Cuenca capital, a world heritage city famous for its old part. In the other direction, it takes you a 12 minute drive to get to the Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada). In 50 minutes you are at the Source of the River Cuervo (Nacimiento del RÝo Cuervo) and in 25 minutes you can reach the village Las Majadas.
Pets allowed
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The lodging is in "CIUDAD ENCANTADA, CUENCA", in the village of "Cuenca (VALDECABRAS)" (). It is a place between mountains. The accomodation offers: free wifi, barbecue, kitchen, washing machine.
- Free WIFI
- Pets allowed
- Smoke-free space
- Includes: bed clothes, towels, toilet paper
- no parking problems

- Deposit 50%: The payment should be made by TPV Virtual
Booking conditions
- Time of entry: 12:00
- Check out: 12:00
- Fianza: 0€
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