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Ziga, VALLE DE BAZTAN (Navarra)
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The lodging is situated in Baztan, in the region of 'VALLE DE BAZTAN', in the province Navarra. It has got a capacity of 15 persons and can be rented as a single unit. It has got 5 Rooms Our accomodation offers Own fireplace, Heating, Garden-terrace, Own kitchen, Barbecue, Free firewood, oven
, microwave
, bed clothes y towels. The accomodation is situated in the Northeast of Spain, famous for the Fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona.
Pets not allowed
  • Complementary activities
  • Hiking tours
  • Organic vegetable garden
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The lodging is in "VALLE DE BAZTAN", in the village of "Baztan (Ziga)" (). It is a place between mountains. The accomodation offers: free wifi, garden-terrace, barbecue, coffee bar, restaurant, kitchen.
- Deposit 40%: The payment should be made by bank transfer o TPV virtual
Booking conditions
- Time of entry: 16:30
- Check out: 11:00

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The entrance time is from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. PRIOR NOTICE you can leave your bags and register before 2pm. It is very important to respect this schedule so that it is attended as you deserve.
In the event that customers have not arrived at the accommodation at that time, the owner of the same is entitled to rent it to other potential customers. The possibility of arriving later than the stipulated time is contemplated as long as the clients previously make a telephone notice and this is taken for granted by the Zigako Etxezuria guest house.


- Breakfast.
- Dinner. Hours: from 20:30 to 21:00. PREVIOUS RESERVATION. On Sundays there are no dinners.
- Massages Prior reservation.
- Bar service


The amount of the advance will be 40% of the value of the stay.


At any time, the user may withdraw from the contracted services with the right to the refund of the amounts he had paid and indemnifying the establishment in terms of the amounts indicated below: The amount of compensation will be the result of applying the following percentages to the amount of the advance required. 50% if the cancellation is made with 15 or less days and more than 7. 100% when done with 7 or less days in advance.

Pets are not accepted.
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