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Hotel Mas El Cuquello
Culla, muy próximo a Els Ibarsos (Castellón)
The lodging is situated in Culla, in the region of '', in the province Castellón. It has got a capacity of 14 persons and has got 7 Rooms Our accomodation offers Own fireplace, Heating, Air conditioning (A/C), Garden-terrace, Free firewood, bed clothes y towels. The province is situated in the East of Spain on the Mediterranean coast.
Pets not allowed
Swimming pool
Air conditioning (A/C)
Equipped for disabled persons
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The lodging is in "Castellón", in the village of "Culla (Culla, muy próximo a Els Ibarsos)" (out of the inner city, 25 km from the town). It is a place between mountains. The golf course of "La Coma" is located at 25 km. From "Culla, muy próximo a Els Ibarsos" you easily undertake day trips to Vilafamés (15 KM), Culla (25 KM), Benicassim (32 KM), Morella (65 KM). The accomodation offers: free wifi, air conditioning (a/c) (in all rooms), swimming pool, garden-terrace, coffee bar, restaurant, minigolf.
- Deposit 10%: The payment should be made by bank transfer
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